Encrypting and Data Masking

EDW offloading, Technology consolidation
Java developers
Key themes
Data mapping and transformation, code-free transformations
Industry segment
Large enterprise
OSS CDAP on-premise


The customer, a Fortune 50 company in the Telecom sector, developed a legacy custom data pipeline that performed format-preserving encryption and data masking. The pipeline extracted data from Teradata to HDFS, performed transformations, and loaded the results back into Teradata on a daily basis. This pipeline, built by a third-party service, was operationally unstable and required constant, costly intervention to keep it running.

CDAP value proposition(s)

The self-service, code-free interface allowed the in-house team to reproduce and replace the existing pipeline.

The new process performed the extraction, encryption, masking, and reload to and from Teradata in-flight.

It created a copy of the data on HDFS so the team could run complex ad-hoc queries using Hive.