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Sports and Entertainment

XML content ingestion

Analytics and business intelligence
Business analysts, Data scientists
Key themes
Code-free transformations
Industry segment
Sports and Entertainment
OSS CDAP on-premise


The customer, a Sports and Entertainment company has arriving in XML files and the data scientists couldn’t query for the information they needed. They weren’t sure what the final format would be for the tables and needed to be able to adjust quickly. They required access to the final data from their existing BI tools such as Tableau and R.

CDAP value proposition(s)

CDAP enables customers to ingest and transform the XML data into multiple tables without writing any code.

The ability to copy and adjust pipelines allows them to quickly make changes as needed by their data team.

Every new report or data source ingestion from Netezza took months to generate.

CDAP’s ODBC and JDBC drivers allow users to access data from the tools they are comfortable using.