Wrangler allows you to visually and interactively cleanse and prepare raw data, with the aim of making it consumable for further processing. It provides a standardized UI driven interactive flow that takes the pain out of preprocessing tasks for data engineering, data science and data analysis.

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Wrangler features

Code free transformations

Interactive, code-free transformations with feedback at each step using a powerful graphical UI

Extensible, comprehensive transformation library

Comprehensive library with over 1000+ built-in transformations; Extensible API for adding more transformations

Comprehensive data source support

Built-in connections to popular cloud and on-prem data sources such as relational databases, file systems, object stores such as AWS S3 and Cloud Storage, Kafka, NoSQL stores

Operationalization using pipelines

One-click pipeline creation for creating scalable and reliable pipelines for mission critical environments

Automatic data quality and profiling

Data quality indicators for determining data quality; data quality library for improving trust and quality; profiling to understand data distribution and column relationships after every transformation


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